My name is Sean and I'm an open source freelance developer. My open source language of choice is C++. This simple website was created to showcase my projects, communicate with contributors and help advance open source software.

I'm a strong supported of the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Please visit both of their websites to lean more about these remarkable organizations.

What it's all about:

Since I support the concept of open source software. Almost every application I build is open source. My source is available for download and I welcome feedback and suggestions.

This is my hobby not my job. So if things seem to be taking a long time or information is seem out-of-date. Please be patient. I only do this is my spare time. 

News & Updates:

Periodic Table of Elements: 

Version has been released and is available on my site sourcforge and GitHub. This the initial 1.0.x release of the software and plans are in place to explained on this foundation. Please check back periodically for updates.

This project is available for Windows and Linux.

Please file bug reports or program enchantments requests on my projects site here



Is now available for download both on my site, sourceforge and GitHub. Please don't forget to read the documentation included with the package.


Qt Clipper:   

Qt Clipper version 1.0 is available now. Qt Clipper is a simple free clipboard manager to hold your copy history. Never loss another copy again! Download it direct. Available in Win x86 and Win x64

See the project page for a screenshot.

Contributions and Donations:

I encourage you to explore the site, however small it may be. Feel free to reach out to me if you have an idea for a project or you would like advice/assistance on yours. Contributors and donations are always welcomed! Even if you can't write a single line of code, there are things you can do to help. Please use the forum feature of my site to interact with me as well as other site visitors. Open source is for everyone. The more people we get involved on a project the better we can make it.


Please don't forget to check out all my projects on SourceForge and GitHub.